Are you ready for amazing EyeBrows?

Your eyebrows are important, they balance and define your face, and frame your eyes, which are your most distinguishing feature.​

Are you tired of drawing your eyebrows on everyday and trying to get them to match? or tinting your EyeBrows every few weeks?

Well-groomed eyebrows help create a more balanced and symmetrical look, bringing all your facial features into harmony, and is like a makeover that gives your face a well-presented, sophisticated look and in many cases years younger.

Cosmetic EyeBrow Tattooing is a semi permanent cosmetic tattooing technique, also called Feather Touch EyeBrows, Feather Tattoo or HD/3D Brows and Microblading and  gives you a stylish natural look you are after. You no longer need to pencil, tint or use brow make up powder.

I absolutely LOVE what I do - the change that is made to each person is amazing - nothing like big hugs and kisses from a happy clients every day ​
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